Rick Worthy

Rick Worthy

Yes, Rick Worthy (a former star from the Star Trek series) joins Heroes as Matt Parkman’s partner in LAPD.

It seems Worthy’s character will take care of Matt’s education as a cop and as guide for his personal life.

We have to remember Matt wasn’t exavtly the smarter cop in LA and now in this new stage of his family (that he started with a horrible secret) the advice of a partner would be a good thing for the mindreader.

According to this information, Matt would show up only until episode three, 4×03 so we have to wait to see him, but I’m glad he does with a great storyline.

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Claire in collge

Claire in college

Yes, Splash News and Pictures released a set of pics that show us Claire (Hayden Pannettiere) and Gretchen (Madeline Zima) in college.

It seems Claire came back to her girl-y ways, because last year she was dressing like a high-profile ho (no offense) but now er see her like a normal and beautiful young lady in her 20s, not like a east-coast bitch dressing like a dark and goth ho.

Here we have even more pictures:

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Yes, we’ve got not only the names but the names of the writers and the directors of the first two episodes.

Tim Kring is the writer for the season premiere and the second episode, so it’s possible that could be aired on the same day in a two hours block, back to back episode, but since Trauma is the new baby of NBC and it will be aired after Heroes, I don’t think they want to delay the premiere of the new baby.

About the directors, 4×01 (Orientation) will be directed by David Straiton, he has been the director of big number of episodes in several tv shows including House MD, My Own Worst Enemy, Knight Rider, Life, Eureka, Las Vegas, Cold Case, Charmed and Angel. A big list.

4×02 will be directed by Edward Bianchi, he worked on very high class tv shows inlcuding Damages, Brotherhood and Deadwood.

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Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. According to Spoiler TV’s b3rt4 the first two episodes of the fourth season of Heroes will be, Orientation and Jump, Push, Fall. So

4×01 Orientation.
4×02 Jump, Push, Fall.

Jump? An ability maybe? Someone with the ability to make huge, huge, jumps, lol, I don’t think so. Fall? Maybe someone will be pushed from a 12th floor, maybe by Sylanathan, from someone who got who he really is.

Does he Sylanathan want to be Nathan and keep his Sylar-side very deep inside. But who is he going to push? Will he the one who pushes or is it someone else who wants to keep the secret, maybe Angela or HRG?

Who knows? It’s matter of time to see.

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Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli

Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli

Adrian Pasdar has posted a comment on his YouTube account Buckshotwon about the first day of filming. Let’s read it and then we can talk about it:

What a great first day we had. Shot a load of stuff in my office, no dialogue, just me acting up a storm. Solo. Then Mr Q joined us and the fireworks began. What a gentle man. This is going to be an amazing season. Everybody dropped by the set at one point or another today. This is one seriously tight cast. I am a better person for knowing all of them. I feel lucky.

First of all, Pasdar said no diologue, we maybe we can wait for Nathan to feel sick or something, or maybe trying to use her ability, obviously he can’t since Sylar hadn’t that ability. Then a solo. We can figure out that in some point Nathan discovers he is not him, he’s just a ghost within the body of psycho serial killer. Then Quinto shows up (Mr Q) we can figure out a battle between them.

I have another theory, Nathan might be watching Sylar as another person (like Fight Club) but he doesn’t suspect HE IS SYLAR.  I don’t think Nathan realizes in the first episode he is Sylar. But maybe he does and he tries to keep that presence under his control.

A lot of people “dropped by” in his office. I bet Angela was one of them, maybe Peter, maybe HRG, maybe Tracy, maybe the new characters. I don’t know why but I think, think that Nathan / Sylar or Sylanathan is involved with the suicide in college, and I bet is because of a relationship and one of Claire’s roommates might be suffering the same fate.

Well, please let me know what you think, comment let’s share theories.

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Royce Hal, UCLA

Royce Hall, UCLA

Yah, Heroes started filming the first episode for the fourth season, and they have chosen UCLA  for Claire’s storyline.

We have been given a few clues about what is gonna happen in this university which in fiction will be located in Washington but in the real life it will be in California.

There is a suicide in campus, nobody knows why, maybe one of Claire’s roomies is involved, it seems one of Claire’s roomies (Annie) is a lesbian.

Gretchen, the other roomy is a mystery girl. Claire’s having issues with linear algebra. I have to say Linear Algebra is a though thing, vectors, matrix things, it’s not that easy. We can’t say anything about a girl that has always been cheerleading, travelling to new york, to the past, hunting for formulas, being hunted because of her blood, or by the US government. We have to wait now.

Rachel Melvin, one of Claires roomies

Rachel Melvin, one of Claire's roomies

It seems that Claire is not going to have just one roommate but two.

According to NextOnHeroes, Rachel Melvin is going to be one of the Claire’s roommates along with Madeline Zima who was confirmed last week.

It seems that room is going to be really really interesting, three hot girls in one room.

mmmm, is Claire going to “try” something new; will one of these girls get there where not West or Alex or Zach got before. We hope so, it seems there’s a deep connection between Melvin’s character and Claire, maybe is some kind of girl-to-girl thing huh? or maybe it’s just that Melvin’s character is going to have an ability.

It’s just about the time to know it. Ah another thing Robert Knepper’s character is going to be called: Samuel (?) but it’s not confirmed yet.

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Darth Maul, Heroes is bringing great stuff

Darth Maul, Heroes is bringing great stuff

I am still recovering of the Robert Knepper addition to the Heroes staff and now we hear that the guy who had the role of Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I is also in the table; The guy is Ray Park and he will take the role of one of the guys of the Carnival and according to Ausellio he might be the “Knife Thrower”.

I’m very impressed with the quality of actors Heroes is bringing, it makes me believe that not even Kristen Bell was in the same level that all of these new actors.

But that’s not all. Another actress is being recruited for the deaf love interest for one of our guys (I bet it is Peter) the girl is Deanne Bray, this totally fixes with the casting call since Bray is actually deaf; she so talented she’s been in CSI (you have to remember she was Grissom’s “friend” for one episode); The L World and her main role in Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.

This is so so awesome, it freaks me out so many good actors in this new stage but Bryan Fuller and Tim Kring must have something in hands, all these actors are awesome, awesome.  I wanna see them now!

But let’s see them acting:

Robert Knepper will be the Carnival Barker on Season Four

The list of villains for the fourth season of Heroes is growing up.

After the comfirmation of Madeline Zima as Claire’s mysterious roomy, Robert Knepper, known for being the “shit in my dick” guy from Prison Break is going to portray another kind of Villain, less perv, more twisted, lol.

He is going to be the “Carnival Barker” a funny and twisted man.

We have seen him in Prison Break (T-bag) and Carnivale (Tommy Dolan).

So new and interesting faces for Heroes.

The “Spock” effect and now these new adds to Heroes are going to bring a new number of viewers so we can expect high ratings next season, here we go Heroes.

Now the questions: is this man related to new darky organization that is rising against the company? is he related to the suicide in Claire’s college?

Madeline Zima is Claires roomy now

Madeline Zima is Claire's roomy now

Gretchen, that’s the name of Claire’ s roomy and she will be in a multi-episodic arc.

Yes, we finally know who is going to be the mysterious Claire’s roomy.

It’s Madeline Zima, for the mid-twenties like me we can remember her as the youngest of the three kids in “The Nanny”, for the younger people she was one of Duchovny’s girls in Californication. Yes and we saw her naked breast, I bet we can see a lot of her as the new Claire’s roomate.

There’s a mystery around this girl, what would it be?

Are we going to see some gay sex between Claire and her?

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